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Thunderstorms and winter storms damage?

The US experiences thunderstorms and winter storms that can cause extensive damage to homes and commercial properties. It is important to ascertain the damage caused and to contract a specialized storm restoration company like SERVPRO, at the earliest.

Thunderstorms are violent, short-lived weather disturbances that are usually accompanied by lightning, thunder, dense clouds, heavy rain or hail, and strong gusty winds. Below are the common thunderstorm damages:

  1. Hail storm damage: Thunderstorms can produce hail that can be devastating to personal property. Smaller hail can destroy crops while larger ones can dent cars, break windows, and damage roofs. Hailstorms can lead to serious roof leaks that can spiral out of control, leading to structural problems.
  2. Tornado damage: A tornado can cause massive structural damages to buildings with its strong winds and the debris that it carries in its wake. The most violent tornadoes with wind speeds of up to 300 mph can destroy large buildings, uproot trees and hurl vehicles hundreds of yards. 
  3. Lightning damage: Lightning that hits trees and the ground is often responsible for wildfires, structure fires, property damage, and power outages. When a property is struck by lightning, electricity passes through the wiring causing severe damage to any electrical appliances that are plugged in. 
  4. Flood damage: Thunderstorms often bring in torrential downpours of rain that can flood homes, basements, and businesses, causing serious damage to both interiors and exteriors. Floods are typically the result of heavy rain and water that rises faster than storm drains can manage.

Winter storms are precipitation that is mainly snow, sleet, or freezing rain. Often coupled with strong winds and below-freezing temperatures, winter storms can be dangerous. 

  1. Water damage: Cold snaps and temperatures below 20 degrees Fahrenheit can cause pipes to freeze and burst. The resulting water damage can be extensive. 
  2. Fire damage: Unattended fireplaces, improperly cleaned chimneys, or space heaters plugged into overloaded outlets or left too close to flammable objects, can cause fires during a winter storm.
  3. Roof damage: The additional weight of snow and ice can damage gutters and cause a roof to collapse. When there’s a cold snap, water can get into cracks and small spaces and expand when it freezes, causing larger cracks and more damage. The cycle repeats worsening the damage caused.
  4. An ice dam: Snow often melts unevenly on a roof and refreezes into a dam at the edge of the roof, near the eaves. This ice dam prevents any further snowmelt from draining off of the roof. This standing water can cause significant water damage to ceilings, walls, and other areas. Ice dams can also tear off gutters and loosen shingles.

How can SERVPRO fix the damage?

  1. Water and mold damage restoration

Flooding caused by thunderstorms and winter storms can cause severe water and mold damage to properties. A water and mold restoration company like SERVPRO can swiftly and effectively bring the property back to its original state. 

The team uses a scientific approach for water removal and cleanup that emphasizes monitoring and documenting the drying process from beginning to end.

  1. Fire damage restoration

Fire caused by lightning or damaged appliances during a winter storm must be handled by a specialized team of technicians to ensure the safety of the property. SERVPRO has been successfully implementing fire damage restorationfor businesses and homes alike.

  1. Roof damage restoration

Falling trees, fire, high wind, and hail storms often cause roof damage. Initial roof assessment by a professional team, such as SERVPRO, is imperative for safety. Tarping the roof prevents secondary damage while the roof is inspected and repaired. An emergency board-up service can also be provided to protect the building from weather, animals, and illegal entry.

  1. Disaster recovery team

The SERVPRO Disaster Recovery Team can provide help with the damage caused by a tornado, hurricane, blizzard, or flood. The SERVPRO System has a network of strategically positioned storm teams on standby should a disaster occur. 

  • Flooding caused by heavy rains
  • Hurricanes and tidal surges
  • Tornadoes and wind damage
  • Ice and snowstorms
  • Wildfires

4 Main Facts Owners Should Know!

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A picture of a house that has had damage by a storm it is all torn up and the SERVPRO logo at the bottom If you or someone you know has had storm damage, call us today at 713-666-9222!

Have storms damaged property or buildings in the area? SERVPRO of River Oaks, has many years of experience in offering a reliable storm damage restoration service. Their professionals provide the latest water removal and cleanup techniques, ensuring quick and effective residential and commercial water damage solutions. 

Here are some other facts that property owners need to know about storm damage restoration services, including water and fire restoration companies like SERVPRO:

SERVPRO of River Oaks, Explains Four Facts About Storm Damage Restoration

#1: Thunderstorms Are The Leading Cause of Storm Damage

While hurricanes and tornadoes devastate communities and make the news, thunderstorms are more frequent and often more destructive. These common events are responsible for more than half of all storm damage to properties in the United States, and that’s before the ill-effects of brush fires ignited by lightning strikes, standing water, and flooding.

The repair experts at SERVPRO have seen the devastation of fire and water damage after a storm. The quickest solution is a speedy water cleanup from their professional service, especially after a severe downpour or flooding.

#2: Types of Storm Damage Restoration

While thunderstorms are frequent, the destruction depends on the storm and how severe the conditions get each season in Texas. 

  • Hail produced in thunderstorms can be as big as a softball and fall at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. The ice can easily smash holes in roofing and windows, allowing the elements into a building and causing severe water damage. 
  • Lightning is powerful, bringing trees crashing down to open gaping holes in a property where rain and debris enter. Compromised properties are structurally unsound, and it is essential to call in SERVPRO’s building restoration service to avoid future complications. For example, protecting properties with tarping stops further damage and prevents the need for mold removal as moisture stays outside.
  • Flooding is equally dangerous. Texas thunderstorms typically last for about an hour and cover an area of approximately 15 miles, so streams and rivers in the area often overflow. Flash floods fill properties, and rain saturates the ground with nowhere to escape—a flood cleanup on speed dial might prove more useful than expected.

Water damage restoration companies like SERVPRO can quickly cover holes using roof tarping and other techniques. If there’s a flood or tree damage in progress, rather call the SERVPRO professionals for their 24/7 emergency service. Their equipment holds off the worst effects until the storm damage restoration can begin in earnest.

#3: Hurricanes and Tornadoes Cause the Most Wind Damage

It is a well-known fact that extreme winds associated with hurricanes topple buildings and trees. These destructive forces also rip the roofs off any standing structure and expose a home or business to untold water damage and debris. Quick action by a storm damage restoration company like SERVPRO minimizes secondary damage—they even do an air duct cleaning service to ensure those channels provide pure air flow after a hurricane has run its course.

#4: Rapid Water Removal and Flood Damage Restoration is Essential

After a storm, water flow can still destroy the items in and around a property with floods, pooling, mold, and bacteria. If the home or business owner acts quickly, these items could be salvageable. However, they would need to be thoroughly dried to avoid mold growth and other deterioration. 

The structure must also be thoroughly and professionally dried and aired. If not, the property might become a health and safety hazard, adding considerable expense when calling in any mold remediation companies. SERVPRO’s affiliation with national water restoration companies ensures its technicians offer local customers access to the latest equipment and know-how, which is the perfect way to handle floods and other water damage.

Choose SERVPRO For Your Commercial Restoration

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Storm, fire, water, or mold emergency at your commercial property or office?

When crises like these arise, it is imperative to contact a licensed and specialized commercial cleaning restoration company that will efficiently and swiftly restore your property to its preloss condition. This allows for businesses to resume and for life to return to normal.

SERVPRO has restored and cleaned numerous small office buildings, restaurants, high-rises, and government/military bases. With its unique blend of training, experience, and equipment, SERVPRO has a multitude of commercial cleaning and restoration services that will undo the damage to a business at the earliest.

  • Commercial water damage restoration

Left unchecked, moisture from floods, rainwater, burst pipes, and more can leave floors, drywall, and furnishings susceptible to stains and microbial growth.  

SERVPRO team will provide the following resources to manage the damage and restore the property:

  • Water Damage Restoration Technician
  • Applied Structural Drying Technician
  • Odor Control Technician
  • Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Technician
  • Commercial fire damage restoration

Fire and smoke damage to a business or commercial property is often accompanied by secondary water damage - a by-product of firefighting and suppression efforts with water. SERVPRO takes care of the damage with the following experts that address every individual challenge presented by fire:

  • Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician
  • Odor Control Technician
  • Upholstery & Fabric Cleaning Technician
  • Water Damage Restoration Technician
  • Commercial mold remediation 

Mold is caused by various factors, one of them being water damage such as a slow roof leak or loose plumbing fitting. A mold problem poses potential health effects to people. A highly-trained team of specialized technicians helps remediate the mold damage caused:

  • Applied Microbial Remediation Specialist
  • Water Damage Restoration Technician
  • Applied Structural Drying Technician
  • Odor Control Technician
  • Upholstery and Fabric Cleaning Technician
  • Commercial storm damage restoration

Storms with wind damage, heavy rain, and flooding can occur suddenly and cause substantial damage to properties in the blink of an eye. 

The SERVPRO Commercial Large Loss Division is composed of elite, large-loss specialists who are prequalified and strategically positioned throughout the United States to handle disasters of any magnitude. A commercial operations manager supervises the recovery by ensuring seamless communication and timely mitigation.

  • Commercial cleaning services

SERVPRO offers cleaning services ranging from cleaning restaurant hoods to removing biohazard contaminants. 

  • Air Ducts and HVAC - It is important to maintain air ducts and HVAC systems to save energy and improve the air quality for everyone in the building. Cleaning the motor, housing, fans, grilles, coils, and register are some of the focus areas of cleaning. 
  • Biohazard and Sewage - An unfortunate situation may require sanitation cleanup services to accident, crime scene, or suicide cleanup. This requires meticulous handling and a specialized cleaning process.
  • Trauma and Crime Scene - The cleaning and decontamination of trauma scenes are vital to the health and safety of residents and employees. SERVPRO technicians use specialized equipment, protective gear, and specifically designed solutions to make sure the affected area is hygienic and clean.
  • Carpet and Upholstery - The technicians determine the best way to clean the building and ensure that each different type of carpet is properly cleaned and cared for. 
  • Drapes and Blinds - The team, equipped with state-of-the-art gadgets, inspect and test fabrics to determine the appropriate cleaning system to clean fine fabrics and intricate pieces. 
  • Ceilings, Walls, and Hard Floors - Following a remodeling or reconstruction, these areas must be cleaned up of the dirt and grime that is inevitable. This allows for cleaner air and prevents dust on the property.
  • Odor Removal and Deodorization - The source of the odor is identified by the technicians. It is then eliminated with the help of several odor removal products capable of penetrating surfaces.
  • Vandalism - It can range from relatively minor pranks to malicious destruction of property. In addition to removing spray-painted graffiti from exterior walls, SERVPRO also cleans driveways, walkways, asphalt, metals, wood, glass, plastic, and masonry.

How to Choose the Right Contractor

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Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned picture Call us today at 713-666-9222!

When a business suffers damage from fire, flood, mold, or natural disaster, it is vital to choose the right commercial restoration service for the job. The professionals at SERVPRO of Hurst-Euless-Bedford have some tips for business owners to help them do just that. 

SERVPRO is a local industry leader in commercial restoration services. They also offer a wide range of other restoration and cleaning services, such as water removal, duct cleaning, and mold remediation. 

Tips on Choosing the Right Commercial Restoration Service Contractor

When selecting a commercial restoration contractor, business owners should consider a variety of factors beyond just their budget and the type of restoration required:

  • Response time:  Choose a company with 24-hour support staffed by their employees, not an answering service. Make sure they have a large enough fleet of trucks to send someone out right away to address the issue.
  • Restoration time: Getting a business up and running again after suffering damage is crucial. Make sure to choose a commercial restoration service that can get any damage taken care of within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Cost: A reputable commercial restoration service should not overcharge because they know the dire situation of a business suffering water, fire, mold, or storm damage. Make sure to get several quotes to prevent getting overcharged.
  • Certified: It is essential to ensure that a commercial restoration service has the proper industry certification and a proven record as a professional and experienced contractor. This trait helps separate the handymen from the trained technician who knows how to handle severe damage.
  • Testimonials and reviews: Search for reviews and testimonials of or for potential commercial restoration services. These are great items to get a feel for how services handle different issues.

Doing the research and choosing the right building restoration service can save time and help a business avoid significant and costly disruptions.

SERVPRO of River Oaks has certified technicians with the training, knowledge, and equipment to get any business up and running again in no time. With the largest Emergency Disaster Response Team in Houston, TX, they can handle any size problem with 24-hour service.

Questions to Ask Potential Contractors

To help acquire the previously mentioned information, it is also a good idea to ask potential commercial restoration services the following questions:

  • Are all your technicians certified?
  • How much commercial building restoration experience do you have?
  • Is your company licensed and bonded?
  • How soon can you be available?
  • Do you provide any assurances or warranties on your work?
  • What is the restoration process like? 
  • How will I be informed of any updates?
  • How long must normal business operations be halted while you work?
  • What happens if my building receives any more damage while your crews are on-site?
  • Have you received any awards or recognition for your commercial building restoration work?

Professionals know their stuff and do not hesitate to provide information when asked. Thus, it will be easy to sort qualified restoration companies from ones that do not have the expertise or experience to get the job done correctly. 

Unprofessional work can lead to even more costly damage, complicating the situation even further than when it began. Always make sure to get as much information as possible upfront to avoid problems.

Tips When Filing a Commercial Claim

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Red fire hydrants in a pile with the SERVPRO logo in the middle Call SERVPRO of River Oaks for your restoration needs. 713-666-9222

Dealing with fire damage on a commercial property can be overwhelming, to begin with;  the complicated insurance claims process only makes it worse, leaving many business and commercial service providers with countless questions on where to begin.

To get started, here are four helpful tips from the restoration specialists at SERVPRO to use when filing a commercial fire damage insurance claim:

4 Tips When Filing a Commercial Fire Damage Claim

#1: Thoroughly investigate and document the damage.

It is important to provide the insurance company with detailed documentation for all the damage to the commercial property, no matter how major or minor.

Fire damage can exist in many forms, including structural damage, water damage, smoke damage, and much more. Thoroughly and carefully investigate the commercial property to look for evidence of damage, even in unlikely places.

Document any damage found through multiple methods, including written descriptions, photos, and videos. If possible, find ways to prove that the damage came from the fire and did not exist on the property beforehand. This can help validate the claim and speed up the claims process even further.

Don’t replace or throw away any damaged items until the insurance adjuster has had the opportunity to see them, even if they have already been properly documented.

#2: Keep track of relevant documents and receipts.

FEMA's statistics show that fires resulted in over $25 billion in property loss in 2019 alone. In most cases, insurance claims are the only way commercial service providers can recover those lost costs. 

That makes determining the value of possessions and damaged property extremely important during the insurance claims process.

Gathering all receipts and documentation can be extremely helpful when trying to show the insurance company what any lost property is worth. Even if there are no physical copies of the purchase receipts, bank or credit card statements can often offer proof of purchase. 

This process can sometimes be long and difficult. It's crucial to start gathering the necessary documentation as soon as possible to help ensure that the insurance company has what they need to move through the claims process and offer compensation as quickly as possible.

#3: Review insurance policy specifics.

The insurance claims process is complex, and important details are sometimes overlooked. Before filing a commercial fire damage claim, have a copy of the insurance policy on-hand. Review all the policy details and double-check them in reference to any benefits or compensation offered by the insurance company. Policy specifics can be a powerful tool during the negotiation process.

#4: Choose a professional and experienced fire damage restoration team that’s familiar with commercial services.

Choosing the right fire damage restoration team is essential to both ensuring the insurance claims process runs smoothly and returning a commercial property back to its pre-fire condition.

A professional and experienced fire damage restoration team like SERVPRO of River Oaks has extensive experience working with insurance companies. They know how to effectively assess the damage, provide proper estimates, and help present detailed documentation to the insurance company.

To learn more about professional commercial fire damage restoration services in the Houston area, contact SERVPRO today.

What SERVPRO of River Oaks Does For Mold Remediation in your River Oaks Home/Business

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A SERVPRO employee with his back faced away and a green vest on that says SERVPRO on the back Call SERVPRO of River Oaks today for mold remediation! 713-666-9222

When mold develops in your house, you need two things – remediation and reassurance that the actions taken are sufficient to nullify the issue. SERVPRO takes a systemic approach to ensure a thorough mold removal process and to reassure Jacksonville homeowners. 

How do we ensure mold removal restores our River Oaks property to preloss state?    

The process may involve several steps. Our SERVPRO technicians focus on a couple of areas like:

  • Inspection and assessment of mold damage
  • Mold Containment
  • Removal of mold and mold-Infested materials
  • Air Filtration
  • Cleaning Contents and other materials

In most cases, when you seek help because of mold in  your River Oaks Home, you have noticed some signs such as patches or spots on surfaces, or there is a whiff of musty odor in your property. However, these signs rarely reveal the whole picture because mold tends to develop in hidden sections of the house. Our technicians can help perform additional tests, including drilling inspection holes on ceilings or walls and lifting covers such as carpets to establish how far the problem spreads around the house.

What sort of containment is done when mold is discovered?

Containment mostly helps prevent mold debris from spreading all over the property. Our SERVPRO technicians set up containment barriers using 6-mil plastic sheets, poles, and grip disks. Limiting further mold growth by applying biocides to vulnerable surfaces can also count as a form of containment.

Running air filtration devices helps remove moldy residues from the air. We also use the devices to create negative air pressure in the contained area, thus ensuring residues do not spread. With proper containment, demolition of affected materials and cleaning can run smoothly without affecting the rest of the house. 

When you need mold problems in your River Oaks home resolved, SERVPRO of River Oaks is ready to help. Call us at (713) 666-9222. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Can I Eliminate Mold From My Home?

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A woman looking at mold on her wall with a disappointing look Call SERVPRO of River Oaks today at 713-666-9222!

Mold development in your River Oaks property is not something to look forward to since people can interpret it as neglect. Mold is also associated with health effects. Perhaps the biggest concern is how stubborn such infestations can be, reappearing a few weeks or months after removal, if not done correctly.

What steps play a crucial role in resolving mold damage ?

  • Establishing the root cause of the infestation
  • Full remediation of affected materials
  • Removal of airborne mold debris

For mold to develop in a property, a couple of factors are necessary, including the availability of organic food source and moisture. Since almost any organic material can serve as a nutrient, moisture is the main trigger. Unless there is a water spill incident, our SERVPRO technicians inspect your property to establish and fix possible sources of moisture. Typical sources include:

  • High humidity in the air from insufficient cooling of the interior
  • Unresolved or hidden water leaks
  • Steam from the shower and other places

How should I deal with moldy materials?

The remedial action chosen depends on the type of material and level of infestation. For heavily infested porous materials such as carpets, insulation, drywall, or fabrics, removing the affected material is the appropriate action since the root-like mold hyphae penetrate beyond the surface, making it hard to remove mold entirely by cleaning. Regardless, mold remediation is just that. It is not possible to eliminate ALL mold and spores from a home with a treatment.

For non-porous surfaces, our SERVPRO technicians use various cleaning approaches, including HEPA vacuuming and damp wiping the infested areas. Semi porous materials require elaborate cleaning processes such as brushing, sanding, wire brushing, or specialized cleaning, such as soda blasting.

Killing spores is also crucial for longer-term results. Our crews use antifungal products with antimicrobial properties to achieve this goal. Some of the spores and other mold debris disturbed during cleaning are suspended in the air, meaning they can settle back on cleaned areas. We run air filtration devices (AFD) with HEPA filters to remove the particulate matter.

Mold infestations are manageable. Call SERVPRO of River Oaks at (713) 666-9222 to help restore your property to its preloss state

Commercial Biohazard

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SERVPRO here to help photo with orange letters Call SERVPRO of River Oaks today at 713-666-9222!

Biohazard is an umbrella term for biological materials that are a threat to living organisms. If you own or manage a River Oaks commercial property, biohazards can pose serious harm. Not just to you, but anyone who frequents your establishment. Biohazards could show up almost anywhere. If you have commercial property it is extremely important to be cautious of this threat. However, some people may not know everything that the word biohazard encompasses and how to clean it up. It covers numerous materials. There are even levels of biohazard, each one presenting different threats.

Examples of Biohazard

There are different kinds of biohazard. It is possible that some of these examples will never present themselves in your building. Of course, that does not mean you are safe from harmful materials. Blood is a huge biohazard risk. This also includes anything that has come into contact with blood, or other bodily fluids. bloodbourn  pathogens and fluids can lead to disease if they come into contact with someone. Animal bedding and animal waste are also threats. This is especially true if the animal is sick in anyway. Microbiological waste is another example of biohazard. Of course, this kind of threat is more common in labs. A threat that is common in medical settings is sharps waste. This includes needles, glass slides, and scalpels.

While your River Oaks commercial property may not be exposed to as many biohazards as other places, it is still exposed. It may not be obvious, but biohazards will be a threat no matter what.  SERVPRO of River Oaks can clean it up safely and efficiently.

Levels of Biohazard

There are numerous levels of biohazard, four to be exact, with different threats. Level one includes E. Coli, Bacillus subtilis, and more. These materials are just a minimal threat to people and the environment. Level two includes HIV, Hepatitis B, and Salmonella. These have the possibility to make people extremely sick. Level two biohazards are contracted through contact with any infected materials or items. Level three includes tuberculosis and other airborne pathogens. They expose people to serious illnesses. Level four biohazards pose the highest threat levels. The diseases they cause have no treatments, and could even be life threatening. This includes the Ebola and Lassa viruses. For threats of this nature it is recommended to contact your nearest EPA office for help.

What Do You Do About Them

If there is biohazard exposure in your River Oaks commercial property you may have no idea what to do. It needs to be cleaned immediately, but most levels require specialty cleaning services. These services are trained to get rid of the problem quickly and efficiently. However, if you have no experience with this, you might not know who to call. SERVPRO of River Oaks comply s with health regulations and possess all of the equipment needed for safe disposal. We will decontaminate your building in the event of trauma, chemical spills, sewage backups, hoarding, and more. When it comes to biohazard, the substances must be cleaned up properly to prevent serious health risks. SERVPRO of River Oaks will make sure this gets done so your building can go back to normal.

Misconceptions Of Property Damage

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Over the years, there has been an abundance of misconceptions and non-truths involving property damage and restoration procedures. Professional restoration companies are trained to see beyond the misconceptions and misinformation that often complicate a claim. If someone doesn’t act quickly enough or doesn’t take the right actions due to these misconceptions, they can end up with even more damage to deal with, that could have easily been avoided.

A SERVPRO of River Oaks professional restoration technician will prioritize mitigation over restoration ensuring damage costs do not escalate. Mitigation is extremely time-critical, as it stops further damage and reduces additional loss. It usually needs to be performed within 24 hours or less. Any delay will further complicate or devalue the mitigation effort.

Restoration, on the other hand, puts the damaged items back to a preloss condition. It is less time-critical, but still important and should be done as quickly as possible.

Misconception #1: Replacing is cheaper than restoring.

Cleaning is a mitigation process that has excellent results and is cost-effective - especially when compared to the cost of replacement. For instance, when smoke is not properly cleaned from delicate fabrics and surfaces, secondary damage can occur. Replacement is usually the only option. Hundreds of dollars of cleaning can become thousands of dollars of replacement due to delayed action. Today’s restoration professionals are able to effectively clean and remove contaminates, saving expensive replacement costs.

Misconception #2: If you get your carpets cleaned, they get dirty faster.

Techniques, equipment, and materials used in the past to clean carpets were inferior to those used by today’s professionals. In the past, inefficient carpet shampooing left a soap residue that attracted soil more rapidly than prior to cleaning. Restoration professionals now use a cleaning process that both flushes and rinses carpets, and prevents that from happening.

Misconception #3: Once the carpet is dry, that noisy equipment needs to be removed.

The greatest failure in restoring water-damaged structures is to remove the drying equipment before the drying is complete. Using the carpet or padding to determine dryness is a poor misrepresentation of whether the structure is dry or not (and one that is not easily defended if litigation follows). Carpet and padding dry quicker than other structural materials and are not an accurate gauge. The danger with ineffective drying is that it can turn a small loss from water damage into a multi-thousand dollar mold claim. SERVPRO of River Oaks professionals use measuring equipment to determine if moisture content has been returned to normal standards. Meters and sensors are used to document and record the data that justifies the use of the equipment and the best time to remove it. That is extremely important to accomplish the end result - a totally dry structure.

Misconception #4: Once a structure has been damaged by fire, it will always smell like smoke. So why rush to clean it up?

Stories arise about smoke damage restoration efforts that have failed - usually because odor remains. Smoke odor and residue are the products of incomplete combustion. They are acidic and are far more damaging than ordinary dirt or dust. Prompt cleaning actions can reduce losses if this acid is removed or neutralized. Odor removal is more complicated than turning on one machine and hoping to achieve satisfactory results. Restoration for smoke odor has to be thorough. All contaminated areas need to be cleaned, deodorized, and sealed where applicable. It is important that all odor molecules are neutralized, either airborne or absorbed.

SERVPRO of River Oaks professionals are the best assurance when it comes to mitigation and restoration. Due to their continuous technical training, they do not repeat the erroneous theories and mistakes of the past. Using the latest equipment and techniques, they make sure that the job is done correctly and completely - the first time.  SERVPRO of River Oaks restoration services are available 24/7, 365 days per year; they include water and flood damage cleanup, mold remediation, odor control, reconstruction services, trauma cleanup, and fire and smoke damage cleanup.  Don’t wait another moment if your home has been devastated; call us today at 713-666-9222.

Why Does Fire Damage Recovery Focus On Cleaning?

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Cleaning might seem like a commonsense activity that most people learned how to competently do as youngsters to contribute to their home and community. The positive attitude and energy you as a homeowner might want to bring to fire loss recovery are admirable. Still, it is likely not enough to avoid inadvertent mistakes that could permanently damage your River Oaks home or put you or your family in danger. Professional fire damage restorers break the cleaning process down, using research-based scientific approaches to eliminate fire residues safely and for good.

Why Does Fire Damage Recovery Focus On Cleaning?

You might wonder why compromised structures and soot-covered contents are not demolished and thrown out when you view the aftermath of fire damage to you River Oaks home. Although it might seem like an expeditious solution, it is costly in both terms of the money needed to purchase rebuilding materials and the loss of your beloved and familiar personal furnishings, household goods, and personal possessions. We apply the principles and elements of cleaning to restore materials and contents at a fraction of the cost while causing much less disruption.

What Are the Principles of Cleaning As Applied to Smoke and Soot Damaged Materials?
The aim of restoration through cleaning is to bring the materials back to the function and appearance they exhibited before the fire loss. To achieve this result, SERVPRO employees move through the following protocols:

    •    Inspecting all spaces in your home affected by smoke and soot to locate the residues, commencing the inspection at the ignition site, and moving out throughout the structure.
    •    Evaluating the residues knowing that different conditions and fuel sources during the fire cause the soot characteristics to vary.
    •    Making preliminary recommendations for effective cleaning methods and products for the different residues encountered.
    •    Examining the surfaces affected. The types of material and their condition narrows the choice of cleaning products and methods. If a surface is not durable enough to withstand a particular method or cleaner, adaptations can be made. Some materials cannot be restored using this analysis. We communicate this to you and your insurance company to consider further options.
    •    Employing dry and wet cleaning methods to loosen, dislodge, and remove the residues.
    •    Dry methods are primarily mechanical -- brushing, during vacuuming, lifting with chemical sponges.
    •    Wet methods use water or oil-based solutions to suspend or emulsify the residues before rinsing and wiping away.
    •    Disposing of residues, which, depending on the characteristics of the soil, might require following hazardous waste procedures.

What Are the Elements of Cleaning As Understood by Fire Damage Removal Experts?

The elements of cleaning focus on the wet and dry cleaning methods mentioned above, using best practices to manipulate conditions within the restorer’s control to increase the efficacy of the process. We consider the following variables to achieve successful outcomes:

Raising the temperature increases the speed of our proprietary products’ chemical reactions. We add heat based on the particular product and the capacity of the material cleaned to withstand it.

Disrupting the bond between the residue and the surface to which it adheres is possible by a range of physical means using various tools and equipment. We spread cleaning products in this manner also:

    •    Scrubbing
    •    Rubbing
    •    Brushing
    •    Water and air pressure
    •    Ultrasonic vibrations

Chemical action
A keen knowledge of the expected actions and reactions between our professional-grade products and the residues we seek to remove is essential. We break the bond between soot and surface by choosing products based on their ability to do the following to the adhered residues:

    •    Dissolve
    •    Emulsify
    •    Bleach
    •    Oxidize
    •    Alter pH
    •    Digest

The desired outcomes often do not occur immediately. Our technicians utilize scientifically established dwell time windows to give products and ancillary elements a chance to work. We monitor the effect on the surface to ensure avoiding secondary damage.

What Kind of Training Do SERVPRO Crews Receive to Become Proficient in the Application of the Principles and Elements of Cleaning?

Our owners and employees all take advantage of the comprehensive knowledge base provided by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). The IICRC is an international standard-setting organization that continually evolves and improves the best practices used by leading restoration professionals. We stress adherence to these practices to lend consistency to our efforts, striving at all times to use our skills, products, and equipment to reach the point where you and your family feel safe, comfortable, and secure, “Like it never even happened.”

The committed work team at SERVPRO of River Oaks dedicates their efforts to restoring your home and possessions after the devastation of a household fire. Call us at (713) 666-9222 for a consultation about your options.