What our Customers say...


Eric was professional, expert, courteous, and knowledgeable. He went beyond the call of duty to help me understand the insurance process since this was my first claim. Oscar was very professional and helped me understand that it was not possible to save my laminate wood floor. I was hoping it could be sanded to save it. Isaiah did most of the water remediation work. Isaiah was a hard worker, courteous, and an expert at cutting out wood floor and baseboards and very polite. I can highly recommend SERVPRO for excellent work!

We had a giant water leak in our basement that needed to be taken care of by professionals. I called SERVPRO and someone came to look at the damages. They were removing water quickly after. They worked all day to clean it up and start drying the floors. 

We found mold in our guest bathroom and needed someone to remove it as soon as possible. My husband found SERVPRO of River Oaks online and thankfully they were able to help us immediately! It was an easy process with SERVPRO. 

Their emergency cleanup team did an amazing job. I will tell everyone I know to use SERVPRO of River Oaks when they need someone to cleanup their home! 

Every time I've had any kind of leaks, I have called SERVPRO. They have never let me down! Trust this team!!

A sewage backup was in my home and I needed someone to clean it ASAP! I called this SERVPRO and they were at my door the same day. What a great group!!

I am so lucky to have found SERVPRO of River Oaks when I needed them for water damages in my home. I had no idea what to do but this team came in and fixed everything up so quickly! Thanks SERVPRO! 

The best family service ever to bless Houston, Texas. Without a shred of selfishness within their hearts, they agreed and responded immediately to my health issues due to mold infestations currently growing at Avenue Station Apartments. As an advocate for people who have disabilities in all truth and honesty, I recommend them wholeheartedly. Reward SERVPRO by generous incentives for A+ effort. Let everyone give our full support.

Best SERVPRO ever! They were super nice/professional and fast to respond, highly recommended!

SERVPRO assisted me with pack-out and storage of personal items damaged in the Winter Storm. They did a PHENOMENAL JOB! They were very professional and they put my mind at ease in cleaning, storing and taking care of my valuables.  


SERVPRO of River Oaks was extremely responsive when I alerted them about water leak in our damage. We have an immunocompromised child and they made sure that no mold was spread around the house. Thank you!

A big thank you to your team for handling the fire on our second floor so well. It wasn’t long after your team arrive that we could finally see light at the end of the tunnel.

Don't let fire damage destroy your property. Call these experts today! They will come out quickly and give you a fair estimate. Great job.

After our kitchen fire there was a mess.  SERVPRO came in and cleaned everything up.  Thanks guys for helping us!

The entire crew - from start to finish were great.  I appreciate them getting here so quickly.

Everything went smoothly and everyone was so nice

SERVPRO was very helpful and courteous with us through our hard time

Fast, Friendly, Efficient, Hardworking... what more could you ask for?!"

The team literally arrived within 15 minutes and got right to work. The job didn't even take two full days. Fantastic team!"

Thank you SERVPRO for doing a great job at our home.  Your technicians were very professional and very helpful, and the job was done quickly and efficiently.  I appreciate your hard work very much."

Can't say enough good things about this company. Great service!"

The guys were all really knowledgeable and kept us in the loop each step of the process. Very friendly and reassuring in this difficult process

I received wonderful service from SERVPRO and they got the job done quickly and efficiently.  

Good company would recommend to friends.

The people that actually came out were really nice and gave us friendly quick work, would recommend to a friend! 

SERVPRO of River Oaks was thorough, courteous, and extremely helpful in a time of need.

Excellent, bravo, they live up to their name. The service, response, and promises made were immediately kept. Thank you to all the ladies in the office as well as the gentlemen onsite.

The customer service throughout this has been extraordinary. Beginning with the on call staff member at 1 a.m. on Friday night. The team all around was courteous, and we would highly recommend SERVPRO to anyone in need of their services.

The guys from SERVPRO were great and friendly. They did exceptional work as well. Thanks again SERVPRO

I'm very impressed with the quality of equipment SERVPRO used. I would recommend them to anyone in need of their services.

I appreciate the professionalism of SERVPRO. The guys were great throughout the whole process.

My two story home was completely flooded due to a pipe burst while we were out of town. SERVPRO arrived on the first day and worked late into the night to minimize the damage to our home. Good job SERVPRO and thanks again for all your work.

The team was professional and informative with a lot of reassurance. Thanks SERVPRO!

SERVPRO was very professional and helpful. Thank you to the two men who took care of my claim.

Great guys! Many thanks to SERVPRO for helping me deal with awful situation.

Excellent service! Keep up the good work SERVPRO!

The guys at SERVPRO were great and I couldn't have been more pleased with their work.

Could not of had a better experience. Thanks SERVPRO for all the help.

I was very pleased with the services SERVPRO provided. Keep up the great work guys.

SERVPRO was amazing! I would highly recommend them to my friends and family. From start to finish they did great work. Before starting the job, they explained the whole process. The employees were professional and courteous. The biggest factor for me is that they stuck true to their words and did not fall short of what they promised.

SERVPRO made a bad experience quite pleasant. I was most satisfied with the professionalism,courtesy, and responsiveness.

It was always clear that the personnel were knowledgeable about dealing with our problem, and thorough in checking to be sure all moisture had been dried from our sheetrock. I would recommend this firm to any friend who might experience a similar disaster. You were exceptional!

SERVPRO was a life saver! This was a last minute, stressful situation, and your team did a job in an hour that would of taken me all day on my own!

SERVPRO's work was beyond our expectations! They were so helpful! I would recommend them to anybody in need!

SERVPRO was very accommodating in rescheduling around our work schedules. The staff always provided excellent customer service and was a pleasure to deal with.

Great team of people, on time, and very professional

The crews were highly remarkable and insightful as well as courteous, professional and empathetic to our needs. I would highly recommend them to anybody in need of mitigation services