What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

Eric was professional, expert, courteous, and knowledgeable. He went beyond the call of duty to help me understand the insurance process since this was my first claim. Oscar was very professional and helped me understand that it was not possible to save my laminate wood floor. I was hoping it could be sanded to save it. Isaiah did most of the water remediation work. Isaiah was a hard worker, courteous, and an expert at cutting out wood floor and baseboards and very polite. I can highly recommend SERVPRO for excellent work!

We had a giant water leak in our basement that needed to be taken care of by professionals. I called SERVPRO and someone came to look at the damages. They were removing water quickly after. They worked all day to clean it up and start drying the floors. 

SERVPRO of River Oaks was extremely responsive when I alerted them about water leak in our damage. We have an immunocompromised child and they made sure that no mold was spread around the house. Thank you!

Great guys! Many thanks to SERVPRO for helping me deal with awful situation.

Excellent service! Keep up the good work SERVPRO!

The guys at SERVPRO were great and I couldn't have been more pleased with their work.

SERVPRO was very accommodating in rescheduling around our work schedules. The staff always provided excellent customer service and was a pleasure to deal with.

Great team of people, on time, and very professional

The crews were highly remarkable and insightful as well as courteous, professional and empathetic to our needs. I would highly recommend them to anybody in need of mitigation services