Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Flood Damaged Warehouse in Houston, TX

This warehouse was flooded during Hurricane Harvey, and SERVPRO of River Oaks was called out to help with the restoration and get this company back up and running.

Our technicians were able to remove all the affected materials and clean all the floors throughout the warehouse.

Storm Damaged Home in Sweeney, TX

SERVPRO of River Oaks was called out to Sweeney, TX to help assist with a water damage that was caused by an oak tree that fell through the roof.

Our technicians were called out to remove all the wet materials, dry out the structure, and pack out all the contents and store them offsite.

Flooded home in Brazoria, TX

This is the aftermath of a home that was flooded during Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The house took on several feet of river water. In this picture you see one of our technicians in PPE taking out all contents in the pantry. Once the contents were removed all the affected materials were removed and the house was properly sanitized and dried out. SERVPRO of River Oaks was glad to have helped these customers in need, and more importantly get the closer to moving back into their home.

Flooded home in Simonton, TX

This was the aftermath of the 2016 Tax Day floods in the Houston, TX area. This home took on several feet of water, and the homeowner called SERVPRO of River Oaks out to help with the cleanup. We were able to remove all the affected appliances,furniture, and all the affected building materials. The homeowner was glad once the cleanup was finished, and we are thankful that these customers trusted us to help them out during that horrible time.

Flooding in Cypress, TX Nursing Home

This senior living center was affected by the large amounts of rain in the area. Their drainage system outside took on to much water at once, and it could not drain the areas properly causing the rain water to build up and enter the building. Luckily it was contained to just a hallway and dining area. SERVPRO of River Oaks was able to come out and remove all the standing water and affected materials. Once the materials were removed the areas were contained on from the residents and we were able to properly sanitize and dry out the affected areas. The staff was very happy with the quick turnaround and we are sure the residents were happy to get their dining hall back.

Polor Vortex Storm 2015

Our disaster response crews were dispatched out to help local franchises in Boston, Massachusetts. Being from Texas our guys had a tough time with the below 10 degree weather, but they toughed it out and helped several families recover from their disasters! SERVPRO of River Oaks is always here to help!