Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Board up in Houston, TX

This house fire was the result of a BBQ pit left unattended over night. The fire burned through the exterior wall and doors, and sent soot throughout the 3 stor... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Home in Brazos Country, TX

This house was affected from a fire that started on the back patio. The customer was awaken during the night to the smell of smoke and quickly called the Fire D... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Home in Houston, TX

This fire damaged home was caused by a candle that caught the curtains next to it on fire. The fire spread and caused damage to the master bath and master bedro... READ MORE

Fire Damaged home in Lake Jackson, TX

This fire damaged home in Lake Jackson was the result of kitchen fire. The homeowner experienced a power outage while cooking and forgot to turn off the burners... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Art Gallery in Houston, TX

This smoke damage art gallery was the result of a fire that occurred next door. Because they shared the same attic, the smoke traveled over and into the gallery... READ MORE

Emergency board up in Sugar land, TX

This house in Sugar land, TX suffered from a fire. In the before picture you can see the burned fence. Our technicians removed all the burned pickets and dispos... READ MORE