Recent Before & After Photos

Flood Damaged Business in Rosenberg, TX

This flood damaged business was the result of the Tax Day floods in 2016. Water entered the building and affected the kitchen and break room areas.In the before... READ MORE

Water Damaged home in East Benard, TX

This water damaged home was the result of wind driven rain during Hurricane Harvey. The rain cae in through cracks in the limestone exterior that shifted during... READ MORE

Flooded Home in Houston, TX

This flooded home was damaged during Hurricane Harvey. Notice the buckling of the wood floor and water damage along the baseboards. The water wicked up 2 feet o... READ MORE

Flood Damage in Memorial Village

This home was flooded during Hurricane Harvey in Houston,TX. SERVPRO of River Oaks was called out to help restore this home.In the before picture you can see th... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Home in Houston, TX

This fire damaged home was caused by a candle that caught the curtains next to it on fire. The fire spread and caused damage to the master bath and ma... READ MORE

Fire Damaged home in Lake Jackson, TX

This fire damaged home in Lake Jackson was the result of kitchen fire. The homeowner experienced a power outage while cooking and forgot to turn off the bu... READ MORE

Dish Washer Leak in Katy, TX

This kitchen was affected by a dishwasher leak. In the before picture you can see at the base of the cabinet there is water damage and microbial growth has bega... READ MORE

Smoke Damaged Art Gallery in Houston, TX

This smoke damage art gallery was the result of a fire that occurred next door. Because they shared the same attic, the smoke traveled over and into the gallery... READ MORE

Emergency board up in Sugar land, TX

This house in Sugar land, TX suffered from a fire. In the before picture you can see the burned fence. Our technicians removed all the burned pickets and dispos... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in Missouri City, TX

This home in Missouri City, TX was damaged during a hard freeze. A pipe in the Master Bathroom ceiling bursts while the owner was out of the country and flooded... READ MORE