Recent Before & After Photos

Pipe Burst in Spring, TX

This home suffered a broken pipe in the attic due to the hard freeze. The water traveled throughout the house damaging the laminate the flooring, drywall, and p... READ MORE

Water Damaged home in Houston, TX

This home suffered a water damage due to broken toilet supply line. When the homeowner arrived at home after work she came home to saturated carpets that ran th... READ MORE

Flooded Hair Salon in Houston, TX

This flooded salon in Houston, TX was the result of a broken toilet supply line. The whole salon was affected and caused the business to shut down for mitigatio... READ MORE

Tile Floor Restoration in a Houston, TX Warehouse Bathroom

SERVPRO of River Oaks was called out to help clean and bring life back to these tile floors. The company called us out because they were having issues keep... READ MORE

Restoring Ceramic Tile Flooring in Houston Church

SERVPRO of River Oaks was called into South Main Baptist Church of Houston, TX to clean and restore the original ceramic tile flooring that was installed in 192... READ MORE

Wood Floor Clean and Polish in Houston, TX

Prior to moving into this 4000 square foot home in the Houston Heights area, the new owner chose SERVPRO of River Oaks to deep clean their hardwood floors, usin... READ MORE

Dirt Dragon In Action in Houston, TX

Here is a SERVPRO technician demonstrating the Dirt Dragon to deep clean hardwood floors in a home that was newly purchased in the Heights of Houston,... READ MORE

Trauma Scene Cleanup in a Houston High rise

SERVPRO of River Oaks was called in to clean up a condo unit in a Houston high rise from where the tenant had an incident in the bathroom. SERVPRO of ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Lake Jackson, TX

When a pipe burst in the ceiling of a major department store,  leaving the employees in ankle deep water, SERVPRO quickly responded. We received the call a... READ MORE

Commercial Water Loss in Lake Jackson, TX

Water from a pipe burst in the ceiling of a major department store flooded multiple areas of the showroom floor. Furniture and racks had to be moved, water... READ MORE